Technical demo

Here is a usefull demo of the Arianee Protocol and the End-Users wallet.

You can create new Smart Assets (digital certificates representing valuable assets) onto the blockchain, and transfer them to another wallet.

Everything happens on the blockchain in a decentralized way based on ERC-721.

As developpers, we can't change ownership or data, even if we want to.
Each asset belongs to its wallet and, by extension, to its owner.

All business logic is handled by a smart contract on the Ethereum POA Network Testnet - Sokol.

The smart contract address is: 0x24a90f96747941ea47c105fce71cca3704eec45e and you can verify all the transactions on Etherchain light.

Implemented features :
- Create / manage an Arianee wallet
- Receive ArianeeGas to perform free transaction
- Create new Smart-Assets
- Transfer Smart-Assets to another user wallet
- Set Smart-Assets as "Requestable" (letting other users transfer Smart-Assets on their behalves)
- Request that a Smart-Asset to be set as "Requestable"

The Arianee Team

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